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Social Security Optimization get the maximum amount for your life.

Social Security Optimization

There may be no area of retirement that is more misunderstood than Social Security. There may also be no area of retirement where good planning can have a more positive impact on your personal retirement.

Additionally, things like early retirement earning limitations, taxation on benefits, and spousal benefits create confusion for many, and leave opportunities on the table. And any website or seminar that tells you there is a one size fits all strategy to Social Security is wrong.

Straight Path Wealth Management jenison retirement and financial planning

The best strategy depends on a number of factors including: 

Social Security Strategies

Your Age

Your Spouse's Age

Life Expectancy

Your Projected Tax Bracket

Your Projected Benefit

If Your Spouse has Accrued Enough Credits For His/Her Own Benefit

Your Other Retirement Assets


Retirement Income Needs

Any strategy that does not fully take into account all of these factors, may be leaving benefits on the table. Many times the difference between strategies can result in $100,000 or more in extra lifetime benefits. Make sure you get the maximum amount for your life.

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