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Tax Planning

Tax planning is a delicate process. Balancing the tax benefits now vs tax savings later can be complex, but is absolutely worth the time and effort. For those with complex financial situations, from business owners to individuals with larger estates or big retirement accounts, tax planning is essential to ensuring you’re able to make the most out of the finances you’ve worked hard to earn. We consistently optimize and tweak plans, portfolios, and income to make sure we maximize cash flow both now and for years to come.

Financial Planning

 At Straight Path Wealth, we bring a comprehensive approach to financial planning, designed to help you make the very most out of your hard work. Our financial advisors will help you optimize your finances in every aspect, from confident, conscientious investing to tax and retirement planning.

Investment Management

Straight Path Wealth is an independent Registered Investment Advisor. That means we’re here to work for you, and no one else. We are not tied into a big Wall Street bank where profit is more important than people. Instead, we know you have unique goals and dreams, and we work to align your investment strategy with those goals. We make personalized investment recommendations that are in your best interest, and that you’re comfortable with. 

Social Security Optimization

There may be no area of retirement that is more misunderstood than Social Security. There may also be no area of retirement that good planning can have a more positive impact on your personal retirement.

Retirement Income

For many, making the adjustment from working to receive a paycheck (and saving money each week), to no longer receiving the paycheck and relying on your savings to produce income can be daunting.

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