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Investing with Straight Path Wealth

How do our clients “Invest Better”? It’s by filtering out the hype and concentrating on only the things that research proves out as true. This means we use the latest academic research to build portfolios designed to succeed. It also means adjusting to crazy market cycles and economic situations using the opportunities that present themselves. But most importantly, it means designing portfolios our clients understand, feel comfortable with, and allows them to sleep at night, no matter what the market conditions.

The Invest Better process

Our investment committee is made up of over 40 years of experience, a CFA, CFP, CPWA, and CPA. That’s a lot of expertise that ensures the strategy and implementation are top notch. Our 3 guiding principles are:

 This means owning the right mix of stocks, bonds and international investments. This mix may be different for each client, but this is the first step towards controlling risk and setting the portfolio up for success

Tilt towards higher expected returns; Academic research has identified a few sections of the market that may lead to higher returns over long periods of time (10 years plus). Emphasizing these areas of the market sets the portfolios up for opimtal returns

Control the costs: Excessive investment fees can eat into any return. Making sure we concentrate on low costs, and get maximum value for those fees are vitally important


Start with the right core investments


Tilt towards higher expected returns


Control the costs


Guard against risks

Guard against risks: This takes many forms, some as part of the core portfolio, while some are ongoing strategic adjustments. But identifiying long term risks to the portfolio and guarding against those is vital to successful investing.

What Does It Actually Look Like

Our SMARTPortfolios are made up of core holdings that emphasize the latest academic research on driving strong returns. This means concentrating more on some stock than others, but also not taking more risk than necessary to achieve the needed results.

Our portfolios also then overlay additional strategies designed to guard and protect the portfolio from key risks in the market. This may be expected stock market volatility, rising interest rates, or political uncertainty. These adjustments not only protect the portfolio, but allow our clients to be confident that now matter what the future holds, their portfolios are designed to succeed.

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