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How We Are Different


We Always Act In Your Best Interest...No Exceptions  


The industry call this a Fiduciary standard. This may seem like common sense, but much of the industry doesn’t have to. Our advice will only be what’s best for you, and not what earns the company the most money


No Commissions...This means transparency to you

Straight Path Wealth does not accept any commissions. While much of the industry earns money from hidden commissions that vary from product to product, which creates conflicts of interest clients don’t even know about, our fees are clearly disclosed, and only go up when your account goes up...and when your account goes down, so does our fees. This means our main goal is the same as yours, grow the account


Tax Planning and Preparation

Taxes can eat away at investment returns, and even ruin the best retirement plans. Many times, some simple tax planning can save $1,000s a year, and much more over a lifetime. However, most financial planners don’t provide the advice, and even those who do, only do it on a limited basis that provides minimal value. At Straight Path, we have a whole team dedicated to providing you with the best tax advice out there. With a CPA and an Enrolled Agent as part of your advisory team, you get the best financial plan you can


Real Financial Planning that is Engaging

Many people relate finance and investments to the same as going to the dentist. And the way financial planning has been done in the past makes the comparison true. Endless jargon, graphs and spreadsheets don’t help you understand your money better. We use a “continual improvement” process where we identify what’s most important to you, and then work on improving your financial step one step at a time...all without the jargon and boriness... but with all the expertise you need



Most of the industry purposefully makes finances hard to understand. By using acronyms, financial jargon, and burying you in confusing graphs, its difficult to understand, and even more difficult to feel comfortable with what is happening with your money. At Straight Path, it is critically important that we explain things in terms you understand and enact strategies that you are comfortable with. Our motto is Invest Better, Plan Better, and Live Better. The ultimate goal is Living Better and that includes you feeling comfortable and knowledgeable about what’s going on with your money


Small Business consulting

For those clients who own small businesses, Straight Path really stands out. Our team of advisors has significant experience running small businesses, and stand ready to help you bring your business to the next level. Through our sister company, Straight Path Tax and Accounting Solutions, we offer ongoing consulting engagements that help you make sure your business finances are set up to succeed.