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Portrait of a Man

Small Business Owner

Jack L.



Primary Goal:

Get more control over his business finances and prepare for his personal future. While Jack has a bookkeeper, he never feels like he knows what his cash flow will be for the next three months. 


Jack owns a manufacturing company with 50 employees that he started 15 years ago. Jack's business has grown to the point where it has been very successful but Jack is worried about the next downturn and preparing his business for that impact. Additionally jack's net worth is all tied up in his business and he knows it's important to diversify and have outside savings.

The Challenge

Jacks needs to diversify and start saving out of his business but in order to do that he needs a better handle on his business cash flow. Additionally jack pays a lot of taxes and would like his personal savings to help reduce that tax bill.

Jack is not in a hurry to retire but wants to have a flexible plan in place for the future.

The Approach

Jack worked with his team at Straight Path which included a CFP and a CPA to get a good handle on his business cash flow. Jack also optimized his company 401K plan to reduce his personal tax bill while maximizing his savings out of the business. Jack also worked with his team to develop a retirement strategy that is flexible and can adjust to business opportunities and personal preferences change.

The Results

Jack became much more comfortable with his business and personal financial position and dramatically reduced his tax bill over the next 5 years. Additionally Jack is excited about the position to possibly step back for the busyness of being a business owner and the opportunities that could provide.

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